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Being against the two party system while running for office at the same time may seem counterproductive but not when given the opportunity to balance everything out. The principle of liberty is well spoken of in this country and is even founded on the concept but rarely do we see it. We The People are not at liberty to speak our minds without government dictating what it is that we can and cannot say. We The People are not at liberty to do what we want with our own bodies without government dictating what is and isn’t allowed. We The People are not at liberty to love who we want without government dictating who, how, or how many receives that love.

Our day to day liberties we take for granted are constantly infringed upon by those sworn to protect it. These individuals hired by tax payers need to be held accountable for their actions and inaction. Thankfully there is a political party that aims to dismantle the destructive powers that the government has wielded against us and return the reigns of control back into the hands of the people. The Libertarian Party is this party and I’ve discovered through my own affiliation with them just how deep the desire to #BringBackLiberty goes by running as a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate for Californian in 2018.

Below are links to pictures, videos, interviews, press articles, and much more from my website which cataloged my journey so please enjoy and of course #SpreadTheWord