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Black Sheep Libertarian Blacked Out By Media

Black Sheep Libertarian Blacked Out By Media
It seems there is yet another uncovered conspiracy by the media, and whoever party to it, to ensure a total blackout of Libertarians in the mainstream voting polls frequently conducted for the 2018 election.

The California Electoral College should express caution on its polling propaganda as they are indirectly working against the constitution. Typically the public campaign would start when the primaries were done, which would be almost 12 months from now, yet they seem to want to intimidate other candidates and voters by showing results that are baseless.


The major mainstream surveys conducted so far late last year and this year has focused on the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates not mindful of the Libertarians running in the poll so how can this show an accurate reflection of people’s opinion? This type of prejudice is not what should be seen in a great country like ours! I wonder what feeling and picture are we painting to the third world countries who are learning democracy from Americans.

According to the UC Berkeley Institute Of Governmental Studies (IGS) poll from March 2017 Gavin Newsom, the renowned Democratic gubernatorial aspirant, leads the pack with 28% of support from likely voters against 3 other Democrat opponents including former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and 1 Republican, venture capitalist John Cox. Considering their high point that Newsom declared his intention early enough in 2015, I began to wonder, why shouldn’t all eligible aspirants from all political parties be represented in the poll?

It should be clear by all lovers of freedom that if each gubernatorial candidate starts hiring media teams to conduct a one-faced poll among possible voters then publish them on the social media or through any other media as a means to intimidate and tactically make their candidate popular then they will definitely not be the right leader for what we believe in here in America. We The People are not controlled or ruled by dictators.

In a bid to making this perceived conspiracy visible, a grassroots organization which I have an affiliation with conducted a survey of their own that includes 12 current aspiring gubernatorial candidates from three major political parties. The SurveyMonkey poll, “Who Will You Vote For California Governor In 2018,” circulated throughout various social media outlets garnered 58 respondents and the following were the results of the survey:



So now what information do the results from this poll pass across? Does it mean that the mainstream media has been paid by someone to scare intending voters and lure them to follow someone who they purportedly feel is the best choice? I think the media’s sincerity has long been in doubt, needs to be probed, and should stop their polling until the public majority really starts to pay attention to the election or at least start to get involved themselves.

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