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For those that don’t know what an “Op” is I’m going to break it down. The Anonymous collective performs tasks to further advance the idea of true freedom. These tasks are deemed operations and are shared throughout the community to provide multiple ways to get involved. Some deal with hacking while others may explain a way of protesting but overall they promote civil disobedience in its most formidable fashion, with peace in mind! So to anyone that may decide to get involved PLEASE keep in mind that WE THE PEOPLE do not support violence or anarchy in ANY way. Our goal as a whole is to peacefully reclaim our land and liberties to secure a brighter future for ourselves as well as the next generation! To participate u don’t have to claim the “Anonymous” moniker but to do so know that u ARE Anonymous ;}- Together we will stand above oppression, tyranny and civil control!!!

Here is a list of Ops that I not only am involved with but also sponsor so enjoy ;}-


Operation American Freedom

Operation Endgame

Operation Awake the Masses

Project Mayhem

Operation Last Resort

Operation Defense