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The people of America have lived in a nation under siege for far too long by corrupt, greedy, do nothing leaders that care more about keeping their cushy jobs than actually serving the public as they were hired to do. We The People have had enough with the crony capitalists that use the government for their own personal gain. We the People are sick of our tax dollars being taken and having nothing good to show for it like better roads, better schools, better jobs, or even a better police force. We the People need to fight fire with fire which is why I’m asking for YOU to support my political activism efforts in the great state of California!


My goals once in office will be to:

  • Strengthen economy by reducing taxes and promoting business development
  • End policing for profit (Arrests for vagrancy, prostitution, substance use and/or possession, etc.)
  • Demilitarize police and improve their relationship with members of the community
  • Implement after school programs, school-to-work programs, and job training programs
  • Eliminate licensing and permit fees
  • Remedy homelessness
  • Build more parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and places for residents to meet one another
  • Develop a dependable further reaching state of the art public transportation system
  • Improve road conditions
  • Create bike lanes and more side walks

And that’s just my plans for the first year! I’m so confident that I will be the representative that We The People need that I am pledging to work for a reduced salary without any pension at all!

Whether you claim to be a Democrat or a Republican the amount of debt being built up by these politicians is unsustainable and has already begun to financially cripple the next generation. Our future and our children’s future depends on us taking action so donate as much as you can and without delay. Every dime of the money will be spent on making sure that Governor Wildstar becomes a household name as a pioneer of the New American Revolution.

Volunteers are on stand by to assist with frequent video production. Meals and a stipend are provided along with travel accommodations when working on projects. Promotional materials such as flyers, business cards, hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. will also be purchased as giveaway items for random supporters. Online advertising campaigns will need to be strategically executed to boost awareness for select videos and events. All of these expenses will need to be paid for which is why your generosity is strongly suggested and is extremely appreciated.

Make a contribution TODAY and let’s show the establishment that We The People are willing to pay any and all costs for our freedom!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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