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Citizens of the world…..
My name is Nickolas Wildstar
Im an American that believes in freedom, peace, and liberty
I believe in the Bill of Rights preserved by the United States Constitution
I believe in its values and ideals that empowers its citizens
I believe that all men are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights by the Creator as stated in the Declaration of Independence
I believe in the dignities of the free man encapsulated by the Emancipation Proclamation
I believe in the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King
And I believe that the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society as President John F. Kennedy said
Unfortunately, I also believe our government is no longer a government of free opinion, elected by the vote of the majority like President Woodrow Wilson said but instead by a small group of dominant men
I believe President Franklin Roosevelt when he said that the financial sector of our country has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson
I believe like President Eisenhower that the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist
And I believe I can stop it!
I believe that WE THE PEOPLE can stand together in defense against tyranny just by having one tumultuous voice that can pierce the impenetrable
I believe in the example of solidarity set forth by the Occupy movement of the world to bring awareness to all the everyday struggles we deal with that unites us like poverty, inequality and war
I believe the idea of Anonymous is synonymous with anyone that has the desire to better the world for all of humanity by creating a free and open and equal society
I believe in the divine sovereignty of every human being on this planet whos sole responsibility is to be an upstanding character that represents the core of all humanity which is love
I believe we can have peace on Earth and I believe through politics I can make this happen
My name is Nickolas Wildstar and I believe if the people of the world will rally behind me to become the next governor of California I can break it free from the chains of slavery that binds it
Once these confinements are shattered I believe this world will never be the same
Please help me spread this message and together we can experience freedom ;}-


I was thinking of how I could start off explaining what happened poetically.. Maybe a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King or a portion of the Declaration of Independence… But truly, and honestly, there is no poetic way to explain pain… How can u indite suffrage, injustice, tyranny, oppression… U cant therefore I wont attempt to… Especially when I’m continuously told by everyone that its bigger than me… Its not worth fighting for because that’s just the way that it is… That things will never change whether the presidents black or not… Patriotic tax paying law abiding red blooded Americans will cynically comply with everything that goes against all that they stand for…

My name is Nickolas Wildstar

I am a sovereign man and I REFUSE to live in an authoritative dictatorship!…

On Thursday February 28th 2013 my wife and I were exercising our right to travel which was unjustly and unlawfully denied by the officers in this video… Initially we were pulled over for not having plates on the car.. We willingly provided him with proof that the tags were current and willfully explained that the vehicle had just been purchased… We were then asked if we had bought the car from a dealer or private owner because one of the taillights were out… We kindly explained that we bought it from a private owner and had performed our own inspection but possibly may have not noticed and would fix it.. We even conversed a moment about our purchase and condition of the car… He friendly stated how we were not being ticketed but merely informed for our safety… We then thanked him for his public service…

“No problem” the officer replied “But before I let u go can I see ur drivers license”?

Since the officer had already concluded I wasn’t suspicious of criminal activity or had committed a crime I then asked him what was his purpose for asking for identification… He explained how he just wanted to verify the validity of my drivers license .. I politely refused stating that the United States Constitution, that he swore to uphold and protect, granted me with unalienable unenumerated rights which of me included the right to protect my identity.. He asked me “Where does it say that”?… I said “I can show u if u like!.. I have my constitution!!”… He said “Alright go ahead” so I proceeded to get it…

At this point I already knew things were going to get sketchy so that’s when I began recording this video using the camera on my phone… As u can tell from the video one officer quickly turned into many and what started out as a discussion about the intention of the Fourth & Ninth Amendment disgustingly transformed into an Orwellian draconian display of oppression….

With complete disregard to the conversation, nature of the incident, or my personal rights one of the officers opened my car door demanding me out of my vehicle… Reaffirming my rights I refused….

I was threatened with being tasered and told I was putting the officers life in danger by him standing in the street… Maintaining my rights I refused…..

Angrily the officer then grabbed my arm and proceeded to pull me out of the car.. This is when I alarmed towards the camera that I was now being assaulted and attacked by the officer… After a moment of hearing me say this repeatedly he then placed his hand on my shoulder and then changed his wording by asking me to get out of the car “please”… I continued to inform him that him touching me with out consent is an assault as well as restate my right of sovereignty…. He then took his hand off my shoulder and eventually closed the door..

I used this opportunity to upload this first video and it was immediately after where both my wife and I were assaulted by multiple police officers using excessive force…

The officers started pulling on my arm to force me out of the car while attempting to restrain my wife by pulling on her arms one of which is in a cast (CLICK THIS FOR SECOND VID SHOWING OFFICER GRABBING MY WIFES ARM)… With our free arms we stayed interlocked which the officers aggressively prevented by twisting our fingers, digging their nails into us, foot stomping, threatening us with tasers, all while attempting to remove my phone from my hands…

I finally told them that I would cooperate to prevent myself from further harm I was removed from my vehicle, hand cuffed, arrested and detained for nearly 24hrs before bailing out…

My wife, a completely innocent victim in the matter, was also arrested, hand cuffed, again mind u with a cast on one arm, detained for over four hours then released with a citation…. Both of us now having to face criminal charges in court and must compromise our way of living to battle for and defend our freedom….

Our car was towed away and is being held on a mandatory 30 day hold only to be released once any and all applicable fees are paid!….

Our lives have been turned upside down…….

How much longer will racial profiling and driving while black be accepted?…

How much longer will random routine stops to verify if the person has warrants or not be tolerated?….

How many personal rights, unenumerated rights, civil rights, and human rights need to be violated before enough is enough?….

How many of u will continue to stand by and do nothing except be witness to intolerance while those of us who uphold ideals of liberty and democracy are abused, bastardized, and treated as enemies?…

How much longer will the American dream stay just a dream before it becomes simply a figment of imagination?….. The time has come and the time is now!

My name is Nickolas Wildstar and I need YOUR help!!!

Please contact me to find out how u can help me take back our country!….


And lets experience freedom together ;}