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With Nickolas Wildstar becoming the first Libertarian to be elected Governor of California the Top 3 policies he plans to focus on will be:

NUMBER 1. CUT TAXES – California has one of the nations highest tax rates for; workers’ income, businesses, property, sales, and even gas, with no end to increasing taxes in sight. “The people of the state could use a reprieve from taxation”, Wildstar says, so he’s proposing a public audit of the state’s finances. Once this review into mismanagement of public funding is completed, Wildstar believes that reducing government spending and balancing the state’s budget will be a far more honest and transparent process. Over-taxation and a bloated and easily corrupted regulatory system have stifled opportunity to the point that starting up a small business is almost impossible without first taking on burdensome personal debt. Governments job is to protect the individual’s right to pursue happiness, and let the free-market determine which businesses survive. Therefore, government is the biggest impediment to financial success for all Californians seeking a prosperous life for themselves.

NUMBER 2. RESTORE FREEDOM OF CHOICE – Whether it be citizens right to lawfully use marijuana or drink a caffeinated beverage Wildstar wants to protect Californians Right to Choose. Under his governance, the government would no longer be micromanaging the day to day lives of We The People. Removing governments involvement in the marriage between loved ones, abortion choices, registration of private property, and education are just a few of the key changes that Wildstar plans on making once elected governor so that the people of the state experience freedom as our nation’s founders intended.

NUMBER 3. END GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION – Today, like no time in recent history, the level of disgust in our government is reaching a fever pitch. The marriage of big business and big special interests to government is having a very predictable negative impact on We the People. Whether it’s the war on drugs, healthcare, or energy, governments collusion with special interests is costing Californians freedom and opportunity, and has become as economically oppressive as ever. Wherever possible, Governor Wildstar would scale back government protections for private interests, and will veto any bill that grants special privilege to special interests. Wildstar also believes that an audit of the state’s finances will shed plenty of light this unholy marriage.

These 3 priorities are the focal points for the platform Nickolas Wildstar insists will ‘BRING BACK LIBERTY’ to the great state of California!
You are invited to support him and his campaign efforts by voting Wildstar For Governor in 2018!